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Artist Statement

As an artist I am on the continuous search for answers. Diving into a deep realm of personal introspection, I attempt to explore the paradox that lies between our transcendental and material existence or physical and metaphysical existence. The intangible powers between sensitivity, vulnerability and perception that go easily unnoticed in contemporary society. 

As I focus on my abilities as an artist in the transformation of abstract and conceptual ideas into visible and audible imagery my practice tends to fall into the category of video-art. In my experience this results in the creation of videos combining personal writing extracts transcribed into audio. 

It is this combination of video and audio that transforms the abstract products of my mind into visuals that can stimulate and heighten our senses. These visible and audible components often compromise the use of juxtaposition to stimulate contradictory reactions within the viewer. In my work ‘Absent Presence of a Present Awareness’, I intentionally place the audience in a mechanical, hyper-pigmented reality that exhibits elements of juxtaposition within the heavy layering of clips and sound. Combining these qualities helps mesmerize and disturb viewers, generating a sensation of confusion that embodies a hypothetical experience of an introspective journey in someone else’s psyche, allowing my interest in philosophical anthropology to transpire through my art. ‘Numb’ is a most recent example in my work that explores and integrates this metaphysical discipline to my practice. In this work the symbiotic relationship between biological and psychological processes is interpreted by merging self-recorded offbeat clips to the visually achromatic and audibly ominous footage of Len Lye’s Tusalava, 1929. By intentionally integrating abstract qualities to my work, I attempt to make my audience feel something rather than giving them a narrative which they can immediately relate to. 

As a visual learner I have noticed the importance of moving images as a mean of expressing the abstract, such as feelings and emotions. So far in my practice, I have chosen to explore melancholy, fear and estrangement as, in their obscurity, I have found they are the most difficult to deal with and describe.  

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© 2023 by Clara Begliardi Ghidini.

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